Not using all of your Apprenticeship Levy? Here is how you can share your excess Levy funds.

Employers who pay the Apprenticeship Levy are now able to are now able to share up to 25% of their funds with other organisations. Funds paid into the Levy expire after 2 years and by transferring them to another organisation you ensure that your contributions continue to support the Apprenticeship agenda.

We have launched the Levy Pooling Service to support the utilisation of the Apprenticeship levy and to enable non-levy employers to better connect into wider value chains and spread funding more effectively across local sectors.

Impartial support will be provided by the CPCA to those pleading to share their levy by:

  • Calculate the levy pot and profiling funding
  • Support in administering the digital account
  • Help with sending or receiving a transfer
  • Identifying organisations to share fund with

To find out more about how the levy transfer works and more please find more information here.