Your People Potential Management Development Programme works with you to build trusted and engaged leaders and managers who will have a positive impact on your business. 

This programme provide the experience and expertise to develop the leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours of your people to drive your business performance both now and in the future.

Previous trainees report on embedded changes to management style and related business outcomes 12 months after graduation,

 Here’s a sample of identified changes:

  1. Clearer boundaries: holding colleagues to account more comfortably
  2. Increased structure in procedures and role responsibilities: greater definition of roles
  3. Frequent focus on strategies
  4. Keeping focus
  5. Increased delegation: asking team to do more
  6. Effective disciplinary action: timely, appropriate with good outcomes

The programme covers a range of modules including:

  • communication
  • conflict management
  • stress & mental health
  • performance management
  • equality & diversity
  • coaching skills

About Your People Potential

Your People Potential exist to help you put your people at the heart of your business to increase morale and boost productivity. Because happy, talented people make businesses prosper.

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