Led by UK Research and Innovation, Strength in Places Fund (SIPF) is a new competition funding scheme that takes a place- based approach to research and innovation funding, to support significant regional growth. 

Objectives of the fund

The high level aims of the Strength in Places Fund are:

  • To support  innovation-led relative regional growth by identifying and supporting areas of R&D strengths that are:
    • driving clusters of businesses across a range of sizes that have potential to innovate, or to adopt new technologies
    • in order that those clusters will become nationally and internationally competitive
  • To enhance local collaborations involving research and innovation. Building on the underpinning regional economic impact role of universities, research institutes, catapults and other R&D facilities (such as innovate and knowledge centres – IKCs) and engaging those  businesses at the forefront of delivering economic growth through innovation within the identified economic geography

The specific objectives for the SPIF are:

  • Funded activities contribute towards significant, relative regional economic growth – relative economic growth is defined as having a significant impact locally that closes the gap between that region and the best nationally
    • these activities must be in line with UKRI’S mission, where the focus is on supporting those businesses and research organisations at, or near to the frontier of the economy
  • Excellent research and high-quality innovation is completed, or underway as a result of funded proposals
  • Collaborations between local businesses, research organisations and local leadership are enhanced as a result of the funded proposals