This programme offers grants of up to £5,000 for faith-based organisations to engage in social action, either initiating or developing community work. 

To qualify

The activity should meet the following primary criteria:

  • It must be directly tackling poverty. The programme favours activities that working directly with people in need.
  • The lead applicant must be faith-based
  • Applicants need to be working in partnership with at least one other organisation. There do not need to be faith-based
  • The activity must have a local focus, being based locally with community involvement in identifying needs, initiating responses and running the project.

How to apply

  • First, make sure your project fits the criteria and read through the Grant Management Process and Grant FAQs (both of which can be found on the website)
  • Next contact your Local Link Officer. They can offer guidance and support as well as provide an application form
  • Complete and return your application (with a budget outline and your latest  accounts) to your Link Officer for their endorsement
  • The Link officer will forward your application to CUF for final assessment

You may be asked to provide further information usually by email, CUF aims to  give you a decision within one month of receiving the proposal. Make sure you include all relevant details and documents to avoid any delays in the progression of your application.

For more information please visit the CUG website which is provided or get in touch with CUF directly using the contact information given on the right  hand side.