St John’s Innovation Centre is a partner for the recently launched fully funded MERLIN project aimed to support ICT researches, post-docs, SMEs and start-ups across Europe to realise the full potential and impact of their research and to support them with market validation and commercialisation. 

The MERLIN Project, an EU funded initiative, was recently launched in Madrid where project leaders from The Technical University of Cartagena, BluSpecs Innovation, Pozan Science and Technology, Civitta Lithuania and St John’s Innovation Centre met to kick off this exciting programme.

MERLIN offers a range of dynamic workshops and relevant training to guide researchers and business on the journey to commercialisation. The programme will equip participants with knowledge, skills and a network to generate market-led business models to unlock potential and accelerate this journey.

MERLIN will be integrated with other European, national projects and financing programmes tailored to the needs of participants and will facilitate a bespoke network infrastructure to maximise success.

Workshops coming up:

  • Business Model Canvas 19th June 2018 – Understand the use of Business Model Canvas as a tool to assess and focus business development; Independently develop a BMC; Understand the use and application of BMC in the context of other methodologies
  • Customer Discovery 24th September 2018 – Understand how Customer Discovery guides business models; Have the knowledge and tools to conduct Customer Discovery independently; Understand the characteristics of a MVP; Know the steps to achieve Customer Validation
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset 22nd November 2018 – Be aware of techniques like effectuating to approach decision making in uncertainty;  Get equipped with tools to develop realistic short and medium-term goals and to adapt for change; Be able to foster new partnerships and exploit new opportunities rapidly

If you would like to take part in this programme or require further details please visit the St John’s Innovation Centre website using the provided on the right hand side. Alternatively contact Anna via the contact information also provided on the right hand side.