The Technology Innovation Fund programme works by giving companies access to National Physical Laboratory expertise. The Technology Innovation Fund is a National Physical Laboratory funded support programme developed to increase engagement with new and innovative UK small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). TIF provides users with a set rate of £400 per day irrespective of scientist grade or facilities used. Larger enterprises and academic institutions are also eligible for TIF support but at a higher day rate of £600.

Support that is offered

The TIF programme works by giving companies access to NPL expertise through three distinct products: Advice Surgeries, Consultancy and Research Clubs – all designed as bespoke, solution driven products that generate the best value for you. Below is a bit more about the support offered:

  • Advice surgeries: one hour to one day of support (cost can range from free to the £400 per day rate depending on time scale/travel/level of support required – decided on a case by case basis)
  • Consultancy: 5 to 10 days support
  • Research club: support provided as a percentage of club contribution (an example of a current club is between 12 partners each paying £5k contribution in cash, for each £5k cash contribution, TIF gives two days extra on top for free)
  • Technical assessments: aligned with the Centre for Carbon Measurement and their work in validating low carbon technologies