SyndicateRoom is an online equity crowdfunding platform that allows its members to co-invest in high-growth companies with experienced investors including some of the most prominent Business Angels in the UK.

It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (formerly the FSA). SyndicateRoom made history in 2016 by becoming the first crowdfunding platform to offer public market investment opportunities after being accepted as a member company of the London Stock Exchange.

Since launching in September 2013, SyndicateRoom has raised c. £60 million for more than 75 companies (July 2016).

Notable companies that have raised on the award winning platform include: Salty, the first-ever equity crowdfunded Hollywood film, directed by Simon West; Mill Residential REIT, the world’s first crowdfunded IPO; and Axol Biosciences, which uses Nobel Prize-winning technology to produce stem cells from human blood and skin cells that can then be turned into cells for scientific research, potentially removing the need for animal testing.

Approximately a third of the companies that list on SyndicateRoom are from the life sciences industry, an unusual statistic given that the vast majority of crowdfunded businesses are B2C.

SyndicateRoom members fund substantial businesses drawn from a range of industries, including life sciences, technology, property, engineering and entertainment.

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