Pom+Consulting (pom+), a renowned and innovative Swiss real estate and technology consulting firm is building up a Property Technology/PropTech platform to connect innovators with corporate (as users or even investors).

This network creates  value for both sides; the PropTechs are able to enter the Swiss market and the corporates can maximise their yield by optimising their growth and/or their process efficiency.

Pom+ are looking for digital solutions (StartUps/ PropTechs) which provide:

  • innovative and disruptive approaches to digitise the real estate market (e.g. Tenant no longer pays rent, property manager is completely replaced by machine etc.)
  • specific innovative services in one or more processes  of the real estate life cycle like:
    • portfolio/ asset management
    • construction management
    • property marketing
    • facility management
    • operating/using
  • specific innovative solutions for one or more  processes in the real estate market, based on:
    • augmented/ virtual reality
    • blockchain
    • artificial intelligence/ robotic & drones
    • big data (data analytics)
    • building information modelling
    • sensors and actuators
    • platforms & portals
    • alternative energy technologies
    • navigation and location based services
    • 3D-Printing

These can be solutions that specialise directly in the real estate market. But also other solutions that provide unique added value or concrete applications for the real estate market.

Eligibility Criteria

  • degree of development of the solution: at least a prototype solution must be already available
  • innovative approaches/ solutions
  • must meet one or more of the following criteria for the real estate players:
    • create growth (new prducts, new customers, new and optimised channels, new pricing models)
    • increase efficiency (process efficiency, resources use, adaptability, cost models)
    • reduce risks (technological risks, human risks, business and political risks)
    • increase customer satisfaction (customer experience, service quality, interaction b2b/b2c, information & communication)

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