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REACTOR is a regional development project led by Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) that looks to find new ways to use games to innovate products and services that enhance life and improve the human experience.

Aimed at SMEs within Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP’s region, the REACTOR project hopes to evolve the gaming sector from an entertainment-only industry into an exciting life solutions arena, creating opportunities for businesses and new benefits for users.

Applied gaming, serious gaming and gamification refer to the common gaming elements (such as point scoring or personal challenges) for purposes  other than  traditional entertainment.  Gamification can be used across industries as diverse as Aerospace and wellbeing, to charities and city planning, where gaming techniques enable users to virtually experience new environments, training products, as a sales tool or creating awareness of  important issues. Ultimately games build deeper attachment and bring users closer increasing the chances of positive behavioural challenges.

REACTOR’s aim is to  support the growth of an applied games sector by enabling connections between businesses, university’s talent, expertise, facilities and grants.

The team at ARU will guide you all the way, providing business support from initial concept to product launch.

The REACTOR project offers:

  • A dynamic range of consultancy support
  • Knowledge sharing events
  • Regular meet-ups and competitions
  • A match-funded grants programme up to £6,000 for start-ups and small and medium enterprises.
  • Incubation space and a games publishing platform with top of the range hardware and software
  • Support for existing and new small businesses from ARU academic, games developers and producers
  • Activities, equipment  and  expertise to make applied games prototypes

REACTOR can also help businesses to start up or grow, by connecting them to other projects.

So, if you or your business have an idea, contact REACTOR via email on reactor@anglia.ac.uk or call on 01223 986254 to discuss transforming your idea into a reality.

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