His Royal Highness, the Duke of York, set up Pitch@Palace as a charitable trust  in 2014 to support his work with entrepreneurs. 

It aims to guide, help and connect early-stage businesses with potential supporters, including CEOs, influencers, angel investors, mentors  and business partners.

Pitch@Palace offers the chance to get Tech businesses in front of a global audience of influencers who can catapult them to the next level, and has helped over 247 grow, with some now enjoying huge global success.

Each Pitch@Palace campaign has a different theme, with is a focus on different areas of the UK Tech industry.

Entrepreneurs who apply to the Pitch@Palace are first selected to participate in an On Tour Event, one of three regional heats from which they may get the invitation to attend a Boot Camp.

At Boot Camp they receive support and guidance on how t o develop and  hone their pitch, as well as support with investment, introductions and strategic guidance.

All of the entrepreneurs selected for Boot Camp as invited to the final event at St James’s Palace, and a selection of these will then pitch directly to an influential audience from the worlds of entrepreneurs, technology, media and investment.

All of the Pitch@Palace Entrepreneurs, whether selected to pitch at St James’s Palace or not, join the growing alumni network of entrepreneurs and receive ongoing support.

A defence themed  On Tour Even is scheduled to take place on 31 January 2017

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