Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) is an independent charity, helping to protect and enhance the environment. PECT was originally set up as ‘Peterborough Environment City Trust’ after Peterborough’s designation in 1992 as one of four UK Environment Cities alongside Leeds, Leicester and Middlesbrough.

PECT aims to play a part in tackling issues that effect the environment through delivering projects of local, regional and national significance. They work with communities, schools, businesses and voluntary organisations to deliver projects that make a real different to the environment and people’s lives.

PECT’s Mission

Their mission is to protect and enhance the environment throughout Peterborough and beyond.

The Vision

Sustainable Places

This means that the natural environment is healthy, communities are involved in their area, health and wellbeing is improved for all, resource use is responsible and doesn’t compromise the needs of others, now and into the future.

The Values

  • Proactive – Forward thinking and enthusiastic in seeking solutions
  • Professional –  Meeting and exceeding their organisational professional standards
  • Empowering – Supporting others with information and resources to help them take responsibility
  • Enterprising – Innovative and opportunistic in their approach
  • Collaborative – Seeking effective ways to work together and achieve more impact
  • Communicative – Raising awareness of the work they do and other important sustainability issues
  • Transformative – Creating real change to benefit people and the environment
  • True to their word – PECT work with integrity and are consistent, fair, honest and open in their approach

To find out more about the work PECT does for the community please follow the link provided on the right hand side. Alternatively, to contact a member of staff directly please use  the contact details also provided on the right hand side. 


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