Need funding to get your idea into the Water?

Supply Chain innovation for Offshore Renewable Energy (SCORE) is a £6million grant fund and support programme for small and medium sized companies that are developing new ways of working or innovative technologies in offshore renewable energy.

This grant offering is designed to help businesses in the offshore business sector, focusing on wind, wave, tidal and other marine renewable energy technologies and their direct supply chains. However, only costs relating directly to the development and introduction of new products, processes and ideas can be supported by this grant offering.

Grants are available to support the development and introduction of new products, processes and ideas.

Eligibility criteria apply and include:

  • Grant maximum 40% or £50,000 of eligible costs, whichever is the lower.
  • Minimum grant level £2,500
  • Pre-trading and established businesses can apply
  • Businesses must have < 250 employees and a Balance sheet with net assets of < 50m Euro’s.

Businesses must have a base in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, and Peterborough.

Business sectors include offshore wind, wave and tidal, other marine renewable energy technologies, and
their direct supply chains.


The grant aims to support businesses to bring new products, processes and ideas to market and increasing
production capacity of existing innovative products and services by supporting costs such as:

  • Research and Development costs including specialised consultancy expertise
  • Implement the findings of the planning process such as in areas of new product development,
    manufacturing and design
  • Collaborate with Research Institutes, Universities and Colleges and source facilities, equipment and
    expertise to help solve technical problems and allowing further innovation
  • Expert services for Intellectual Property registration, including patents, designs and trademarks
  • Alternative uses / markets for waste products
  • For research to acquire new knowledge for the development of new products or technologies, or
    significant improvements to existing ones
  • To implement the results of industrial research, including the creation of pre-production prototypes
  • To assist with the exploitation costs of new products or processes, including marketing, publicity and
    attendance at trade fairs


The grant is approved by a panel who review each application. A business plan and simple application form
is required to assess the grant request. Costs already spent cannot be claimed through the grant – preapproval
of expenditure is required. The grant is provided on a reimbursement basis once the full spend of
the project has been evidenced.


A meeting with one of their experienced business development specialists can be arranged by contacting
OrbisEnergy via the details on the right hand side. An adviser will then check eligibility of the
business and costs and assist with the preparation of a business plan and application.