Many small and medium-sized businesses know that their business would benefit from better trained managers but lack the funds to invest.

Until June 2018, local company Lighthouse Training will support Suffolk based businesses with the professional development of their staff.

Do any of the following ring true for your company?

  • Leaders spending too much time in the business rather than on it
  • Accidental Managers promoted with little or no training
  • Business growing quickly but struggling with succession planning
  • Managers failing to delegate effectively to their teams
  • Technically competent managers lack the people skills they need

ILM Level 3 Diploma for Team Leader/Supervisors for £500
(the usual fee is £5,000)
ILM Level 5 Diploma for Operations/Departmental Managers for £900
(the usual fee is £9,000)

These qualifications are appropriate for all levels within small and medium sized businesses from first line managers to managing directors and are designed to equip people with the skills necessary to grow your business.

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