The Geospatial Commission will invest up to £1.5 million to fund projects for crowdsourcing the creation and/or maintenance of geospatial datasets. 

There will use crowdsourcing to create, update and maintain information related to geographic location, to make it more useful.

Your proposal must focus on improving one of the following:

  • the delivery of public services at local authority level
  • social or environmental outcome by working with third sector organisations
  • existing public sector open datasets

Your proposal must demonstrate how your project will have benefits, in either scope or scale, beyond the initial funding phase.

Your project must involve the owner or curator of any existing dataset you are using. Innovative and ambitious partnerships are encouraged.

Who can apply?

Lead applicant 

To lead a project you must:

  • be a UK based business, of any size, a research and technology organisation (RTO) or a local authority
  • carry out at least 90% of your project work in the UK
  • exploit the results from in the UK
  • involve the owner or curator if there is one of the dataset you will be working with


Projects with total eligible costs:

  • under £100,000 can be single or collaborative
  • £100,000 or more must be collaborative

To collaborate on a project you must be a UK based business, of any size, academic organisation, public sector organisation or research and technology organisation (RTO).

If the project is collaborative the lead and at least one other organisation must claim funding.

If an RTO or local authority is the lead on an application they must have at least one business collaborator.

Any UK business claiming funding must be eligible to receive state aid at point of award.

Multiple application

Any one business, RTO or local authority can lead on one application and collaborate in a further 2 applications. If an organisation is not leading an application, they can be a collaborator in up to 3 applications.

Partners with no funding

Projects can include partners that do not receive any funding (for example, non-UK businesses). Their costs will count towards the total eligibility costs but they will not count as collaborators.

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