The government plans to introduce a support programme to increase industry confidence in identifying and investing in opportunities for recovering and reusing waste heat from industrial processes and  increase the deployment of recoverable heat technologies in industry.

This will allow industry to re-use heat on-site or sell it to a third party,leading to the more efficient and productive use of energy, lower fuel bills or a new revenue stream for industry, and a reduction in carbon emissions.

The purpose of this consultation is to:

  • test the proposed design of the Industrial Heat Recovery Support Programme
  • gather additional evidence on the enablers and barriers to recovering industrial waste heat, to ensure the scheme is appropriately designed and maximises value for money
  • start to identify a potential pipeline of projects from across industry sectors

The consultation is open to all but would particularly like to hear responses from manufacturing/industrial companies, trade associations, technology providers, energy service companies and academics.

Consultation Events Autumn 2017

There are now 2 consultation workshops in collaboration with the KTN, to review and validate the proposed Industrial Heat Recovery Support Programme which has an aspiration to support a number of heat recovery demonstrators across England and Wales.

They are looking for participants from industrial/manufacturing companies, trade associations, technologies providers, energy service companies and academics but would encourage any interested parties to attend.

To register for one of the Consultation Events or to find out more please visit the website using the link provided on the right hand side. Alternatively to contact them directly to make any enquires please use the email address also provided  on the right hand side.