IASME is one of the four Cyber Essentials accreditation bodies appointed by the UK Government. Together with their Certification Body companies, IASME can certify you to the Cyber Essentials scheme required for many government tenders.

The IASME standard was developed over several years during a Technology Strategy Board funded project to create an achievable cyber security standard for small companies. The international standard, ISO27001, is comprehensive but extremely challenging for a small company to achieve and maintain. The IASME standard is written along the same lines as the ISO27001 but specifically for small companies. The gold standard of IASME demonstrates baseline compliance with the international standard

The IASME standard, at a realistic cost, allows the SMEs in a supply chain to demonstrate their level of cyber security and that they are able to properly protect their customers information.

Available either as a self assessment or assessment by an independent auditor, IASME is a realistic and affordable way for SMEs to prove that they are following best practice.

The reason the IASME team developed the standard and have been so keen to roll it out to SMEs is due primarily to a deep conviction that the lack of awareness in SMEs is a critical risk for the UK. IASME are keen to assist SMEs in understanding the issues and implementing appropriate best practice. As part of that IASME has written some advice for different aspects of cyber security and these can be seen below. See the how to get started here.