Homes England brings together land, money, expertise, and planning & compulsory purchase powers, with a clear remit to facilitate delivery of sufficient new homes, where they are most needed, to deliver a sustained improvement in affordability.

Homes England is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government.

About Homes England

Homes England work locally in individual communities to help meet local priorities.

They invest mostly in building new homes, but also in creating employment floorspace and other community facilities, in cities, towns and villages across the country. The homes they fund include affordable homes for rent and sale, and homes for rent or sale at market prices. Their investment helps build around half of all new homes built in England each year. It also helps increase local growth by creating jobs and supporting businesses.

They own public land, which they sell to house builders and others. This is one of the ways in which they overcome barriers to development and help increase the speed with which house builders can build new homes.

They also regulate social housing providers (mostly housing associations) in England. They do this to protect social housing assets – making sure that social homes remain available to tenants, and that the taxpayers’ investment in those homes is protected.

Who are Homes England?

They are the government’s housing, land and regeneration agency in England.

Around 900 people work at Homes England offices across England.

Their responsibilities

They are responsible for:

  • Increasing the number of new homes that are built in England, including affordable homes and homes for market, sale or rent
  • Improving existing affordable homes and bringing empty homes back into use as affordable housing
  • Increasing the supply of public land and speeding up the rate that it can be built on
  • Regulating social housing providers to make sure that they’re well managed and financially secure, so maintaining Investor confidence in the affordable housing sector and protecting homes for tenants
  • Helping to stimulate local economic growth by using our land and investment, and attracting private sector investment in local areas

Home England’s priorities

Their priorities can be read in full in our corporate plan.

  • Invest over £4 billion in building new homes, helping around 70,000 families and individuals to own or rent their own home
  • Sell land that will be suitable for building around 6,000 more homes in the future
  • Build over 315,000 square metres of new business floorspace
  • Bring over 450 hectares of derelict land back into use for local people
  • Develop their regulatory framework and improve their ability to effectively regulate the social housing sector, which is becoming more complex and risky
  • Make sure their organisation continues to develop so they are ready to respond to the things government asks them to do in the future

Further information, including their Funding Programmes, Land and Development Opportunities and Digital Services can be found via the England Homes website, linked on the right hand side.