The Henry Royce Institute is awarding funding to UK SMEs to solve short-term research challenges and develop that can progress to larger funding opportunities. 


The Royce aims to make its facilities and expertise accessible to industry, reducing typical barriers to R&D such as high costs, and facilitating productive collaboration between businesses and the Royce’s national  university network, which includes the University of Cambridge Maxwell Centre.


The funding is open to any UK-based business that qualifies as an SME:

  • Equipment bookings must be made before 1 April 2019 (for facilities to take place at a later date if required)
  • Total funding available is £100,000
  • Minimum award of £1,000
  • Tokens can be redeemed against equipment access and related project support at any Royce Partner institution
  • Royce anticipates awarding funding for 15 – 20 projects

The scheme enables organisations to de-risk projects, foster a relationship with the national institute for advanced materials, and gain confidence with the aim of progressing to larger programmes of research and commercialisation.

This scheme will provide bundles of funding which can be redeemed for equipment access technical support and relevant consultancy services provided across the Royce and its Partner institutions.

Accelerator Tokens

Accelerator Tokens are awarded to support SMEs, reduce the cost barrier of exploratory projects, and help to grow confidence for collaborations. Once awarded, Token can be redeemed at any Royce Partner for equipment access, technical support and relevant consultancy services.

SMEs seeking Accelerator Token funding should be able to define a focused challenge statement which can be explored over a short-term project with support from the Royce. You may have already identified the equipment and type of expertise which is required to progress the specific project, or you may require support from the Royce to understand the best approach.

To find out more and apply to this funding stream, please follow the link provided on the right hand side. Alternatively, to contact Royce directly, please use the contact information also provided on the right hand side.