The Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Growth & Efficiency Programme (GL LEGE), branded Grants4Growth, is an ERDF funded project managed and delivered by South Holland District Council’s Inward Investment Service.

The Programme targets eligible SME’s within the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership area focussing on providing capital grants towards initiatives and processes that prompt growth, create jobs and improve efficiency, including new facilities and equipment.

What is Grants4Growth?

The programme offers free, confidential and impartial business support for eligible SME’s who are Investment Ready.

The grant provides financial assistance to help increase competitiveness, improve resilience and create jobs.

Capital grants are available up to a maximum of 28% of the eligible capital spend of your project on initiatives that promote business growth, increase turnover and help create jobs.

The minimum grant available is £1,000 and the maximum grant is £24,999.

What is Grants4Growth for?

Capital Grants are availiable for businesses wanting to:

  • Invest in assets that facilitate growth, improve resilience and create jobs.
  • Invest in machinery and new processes that increase production capacity, develop new products, exploit new markets or enhance innovation.

Eligibility for Grants4Growth

Eligibility for the grant is straight-forward. Your business must be classed as an SME (Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise). The criteria are as follows:

  • Your business must employ less than 250 people
  • Your business must not be more than 25% owned by another business
  • Your business must have a turnover of less than €50 million (£41 million) or a balance sheet of less than €43
  • million (£35 million)
  • Your business must not have received more than £170,000 of grants or State Aid in the last 3 years

In addition there are certain business sectors which are ineligible. These are:

Agriculture and horticulture, fisheries and aquaculture, forestry, coal and steel production, ship building, healthcare, education and retail.

Why Apply?

  • A grant can help to fast track your growth plans
  • Increase your competitive edge and business resilience
  • Its quick and easy to apply
  • Ongoing support from our dedicated business brokers

To find out whether you are eligible for a grant, you can contact the Grants4Growth team directly, via the contact details on the right hand side. You can access an Expression of Interest form here.