The Prince’s Courtyard Fund provides more than £1 million in grants each year to projects around the UK. 

There are grants of up to £50,000 available for innovative projects that will provide a lasting legacy to the individuals and communities they seek to benefit. It helps rural enterprise projects that range from enhancing community services, provide training opportunities for young and unemployed people and projects that focus on developing stronger, more sustainable farm businesses.

It is recognised among the programme that rural communities face a range of challenges. Since the programme was established in 2010, it has contributed over £7.5 million and supported 182 projects.

One way in which the programme help grassroots organisations overcome these is through their grant programme.

They seek applications to support activity that results in a long-term positive impact on rural communities by helping the people that live and work in countryside.

The grant programme currently aims to tackle the following key rural issues:

  1. To improve the prospects of viability for family  farm businesses
  2. To sustain rural communities and drive economic vibrancy
  3. To support aid deliver in emergency and building resilience

How to support the work of the fund:

  • Become a partner
  • Text ‘donate’
  • By cheque
  • In person

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