Grant funding from Historic England (formerly National Heritage)  is available to help save the historic sites in England that are most at risk of being lost.

The grants under this scheme are to go towards the repair and conservation of listed buildings, scheduled monuments and registered parks and gardens. This includes project development actions which enable repair or improved future management.

These grants are intended to reduce the risk faced by some of the most significant historic sites in England, as shown on the Heritage at Risk Register. The grants are focused on those sites which are most in need of repair and where, without the grant, a project would not be able to go ahead. This scheme was formerly called Grants for Historic Buildings, Monuments and Designed Landscapes.

It is expected that all projects for which a grant is sought will meet one of the national priorities which are:

  • Significant elements of the historic environment at risk; and
  • Activities that strengthen the ability of the sector to reduce or avoid risk to the historic environment by understanding, managing and conserving.

If you are considering applying for this grant contact the East of England office to discuss your project. Please note the application process may be lengthy due to the complex nature of some projects, and no retrospective work can be funded through this grant.