The Employer Training Incentive Pilot provides a 25% return against cash paid for additional training to a maximum grant of £1,000 per learner to SMEs in Norfolk and Suffolk to help train their employees, aged 19 and over.

The scheme offers a 25% return against cash paid by the employer for additional training undertaken, up to £1000, and for Level 3 and 4 Apprenticeships and qualifications, this rate rises to 30%.

The purpose of the scheme is to give businesses control over the choice of training provider used.

To be eligible, training must be additional. This means non-mandatory and used to enhance productivity, efficiency or vocational effectiveness.

Training can either be:

  • An Apprenticeship at Levels 2 – 4
  • An accredited qualification at Levels 1 – 4
  • Non-accredited training

The Pilot is available to businesses which employ less than 250 people (globally) and are located within Norfolk and Suffolk, and is run by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.