A Degree Apprenticeship is a new education route, just been devised by the Government, bringing together the best of higher education and vocational training.

This new option enable university study and the invaluable on-the-job training typical of an apprenticeship, without having to cover the cost of tuition.

Introduced in 2015, you’ll achieve a university qualification as degree or Masters level, alongside real work experience. You’ll be paid throughout and there are no tuition fees, as these are met by your employer and the Government.

Degree apprenticeships are ideal if you’re a school leaver looking for an alternative to full-time university education, or it you’re already working and seeking higher-level training with the support of your employer.

Anglia Ruskin university are providing a series of Degree Apprenticeships:

Benefits for employers

Degree Apprenticeships are a great way to reduce your  graduate recruitment costs and develop the skills you need in your workforce. What’s more, the Government is providing generous financial support for employers.

They are designed to help you attract new talent to your business, as well as to develop knowledge and skills for your existing staff.

You can sponsor either a new recruit or a current employee at any stage in their career. Your responsibilities are to provide apprentices with mentors, give them enough time to study and make sure their work and the apprenticeship is aligned.

There’s a growing range of apprenticeships covering a wide range of roles or disciplines. Vital functions including management, nursing, teaching, digital technology and many more.

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