CUE’s main event are the £100, £2k and £10k competitions. From ‘just an idea’ to ‘we’re ready to scale’, our competitions and accompanying mentorship aim to guide you towards creating a commercially viable company – regardless of whether you win. 

The competitions are open to individuals and teams from three categories:

  • software
  • social enterprise
  • science and technology

Entering the 2k and 10 k competitions is not dependent on any of the previous competitions.


£2k competition

“Choose a category, complete a business canvas and present to the judges”

The business canvas will force you to answer key questions like: ‘Where is your revenue from?’, ‘Who is on your team and why?’ and ‘What metrics will you use?’.

In the slide deck you will need to: 

  • clearly identify you market niche,
  • make rigorous, quantitative comments,
  • display a self-critical attitude

A demo or evidence of exiting traction will give you a big advantage.

Deadline: 3rd February 2019, 11:59pm

Presentation to judges: 26th – 28th Feb 2019

Winners announced: 1st March 2019

No. prizes: 3

£10k competition

“Do everything from the £2k, create a demo poster and start a company!”

Depending on the category, the demo poster should be a concise summary of either:

  • a working prototype,
  • commercialisation – ready research
  • substantial customer engagement

At the CUE Grand Finale, three winners will present their businesses to potential investors and every entrant will have the opportunity to showcase at the event’s poster session.

Deadline: 7th April 2019, 11:59pm

Presentation to judges: 1st – 3rd May 2019 

Winners Announced: 8th May 2019

No. prizes: 3

To find out more about this competition please visit the CUE website using the link provided on the right hand side.