Indiegogo is more squarely targeted at entrepreneurs than Kickstarter, with the website divided into three categories: Tech and Innovation, Creative Projects and Community Projects. The site also boasts a marketplace where you can sell successfully funded products.

On Indiegogo, you can collect your funds even if you don’t reach your target, but the company skims 5 percent off the top of any profits you make as well as additional credit card fees.

Indiegogo has raised over $1 billion since it launched in 2007.

The platform has also partnered with MicroVentures, offering an equity investment option where small businesses are connected with angel investors in either early or late stage funding. Angel investors must be willing to pledge a minimum of $100. Since 2011, there have been 160 investments and over $100 million raised on the site.

Most successful projects: Flow Hive ($13,289,097), a beehive where the beekeeper can extract honey without disturbing the bees; Ubuntu Edge ($12,814,196), a ‘high-concept’ smartphone.

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