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Creative Europe Desk UK offers free advice and support to UK-based applicants of Creative Europe.

Creative Europe’s MEDIA sub-programme supports film, television, new media and video games, offering funding, training and networking opportunities for producers, video game developers, distributors, sales agents, audiovisual training providers, organisers of festivals, markets and networks, film education specialists and cinema exhibitors.
Take a look at the funding opportunities available through the MEDIA sub-programme.

Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme supports the cultural and creative sectors and funds mainly collaborative projects and initiatives across all art forms, such as visual arts, dance, theatre, literature, performance, music, heritage, architecture, design, circus, festivals, craft and fashion. There is also support for publishers looking to translate European fiction.
Take a look at the funding opportunities available through the Culture sub-programme.

To apply you must register to then apply for a PIC then you can make an application.

Prior to applying it may be helpful to have a preliminary conversation Contact Creative Europe Desk UK