CompeteFor is a free service that enables businesses to compete for contract opportunities linked to major public and private sector buying organisations.

They have identified over 100 major UK investment projects as potential partners for the CompeteFor programme. These targeted potential partners and their related supply chains are in addition to the existing partner projects, which include Crossrail and the transformation of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. More projects using CompeteFor means more opportunities will become available.

Their Vision

Their vision is for CompeteFor to deliver sustainable and measureable economic growth and community benefits through the opening up of major supply chains from capital expenditure projects, enabling SMEs and local businesses to take advantage of these business  to business opportunities and build their capacity.

Their Mission

Their mission is to be the UK’s National Supply Chain Portal for major capital infrastructure projects and national buying programmes.

Their Pillars

The 6 pillars or themes which CompeteFor will champion and deliver in the development of supply chains to achieve economic growth and community benefits are:

  • Delivering Transparency – Giving suppliers the chance to win opportunities within major supply chains
  • Local & SME engagement – Helping identify and develop potential suppliers to be business ready and fit to supply with a special focus on participation by SMEs and local businesses
  • Driving Innovation and Value – Promoting competition in supply chains as a driver to both innovation and better value for money
  • Enablement and Capacity Building – Providing both suppliers and buyers the tools, ‘know how’ and experience to achieve their goals in competitive procurements
  • Supplier Diversity – Heling identify and develop potential suppliers from all business types, sizes, locations and ownership profiles which provides true competition and choice for buyers
  • Supply Chain Visibility – Providing buyers real time visibility and management information on the tiered supply chain to support forward planning and risk management

Their Objectives

CompeteFor was originally set up to:

  • Ensure accessibility and transparency of new supply  chain opportunities arising from the London 2012 Games
  • Maximise diversity of businesses contributing to  the London 2010 programme
  • Create a legacy of increased business capacity and expertise

To find out more about CompeteFor please visit their website using the link provided on the right hand side. Alternatively, to contact staff directly please use the contact information also provided  on the right hand side. 


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