The Carbon Trust has a team of business and environment experts that work with companies to reduce their carbon footprint, cut energy costs and gain a strategic competitive advantage. We identify the business case for putting sustainability at the heart of an organisation and demonstrate how this delivers shareholder value.

The team have worked with many large and medium sized businesses, from those just starting their low carbon journey to those who are leading the field in terms of product, supply-chain and business model innovation.

To deliver a step change in performance, companies need to think about whether their business model – or elements of it – can be adapted or evolved to better respond to resource risks and market opportunities.

By approaching issues at a business model level, a company opens up to considering a broader range of possibilities, addressing all aspects of the profit equation. This includes the value propositions it takes to market; its operating model; and revenue model.

Addressing business model opportunities can drive a number of benefits, including: higher revenue per customer, lower cost of goods, improved operating profits, resilience, and greater brand value.

There are many tools, guides and reports available.