Cambridge Network is a membership organisation based in Cambridge. They bring people together – from business and academia – to meet each other and share ideas, encouraging collaboration and partnership for shared success.

Memberships are based on the number of employees the organisation employ, memberships range from £50 – £20,000.

Benefits of membership

  • They allow organisations to channel from their website – describing their business, promoting their business (events, products, and services).
  • Access to shared learning and peer groups
  • Hearing new ideas and meeting new people at events
  • Recruitment gateway

Their mission:

Cambridge ideas have changed the world and will continue to change the world. The mission at Cambridge Network is simple – to encourage collaboration for shared success. They help to raise Cambridge’s game, to compete on the world stage by:

  • fostering closer relationships and sharing ideas between businesses, academia and individuals through a calendar of member events
  • facilitating peer learning groups and sharing high quality training as the ‘learning collaboration’
  • connecting people and companies for research and partnering through their knowledge of local expertise and their comprehensive  member directory
  • enabling member companies to fins and attract quality candidate to work in Cambridge, through their high profile jobs board ‘Recruitment Gateway’
  • facilitating co-operation, action and resource sharing by being a focal point for organisations in the Cambridge region

Deliberately mixing sectors and ideas, Cambridge  Network has been the trigger for many productive relationships as business in the region has grown.

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