BEE Anglia (Business Energy Efficiency Anglia) is a three-year programme which will provide free support to at least 1,000 SMEs across Suffolk and Norfolk to become more energy efficient. It has been developed by Suffolk County Council, Groundwork, NWES and Norfolk County Council and is part funded through the European Union European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The support programme will be divided into the following aspects:

  • Energy efficiency audit support from a Groundwork advisor (available to 1,000 SMEs) A detailed on site energy efficiency review will provide practical guidance on the best energy saving opportunities that exist for a business. A Groundwork advisor will undertake the review during which they will gain an understanding of the business and how it uses its building. Following the visit, a tailored energy report and action plan will be produced to summarise the recommendations for energy, cost and emissions reductions. Following this, there will be further distance support to help progress actions. All of this support is fully funded.
  • Accreditation to the Carbon Charter – a recognised, local standard (available to 500 SMEs) The Carbon Charter recognises environmental commitments and progress against a three-tier standard that has been specifically designed to be of practical benefit to SMEs. Accreditation brings membership to the active Charter network, with extensive opportunities for sharing best practice and developing business contacts. Accreditation with the Carbon Charter usually costs £550+VAT but is fully funded through BEE Anglia. For more information visit the website .
  • Access to grant funding for next-phase technologies (available to 275 SMEs) Grants averaging at a 28% intervention rate or £4,500 (maximum £20,000) to implement recommendations of nextphase technology projects will support businesses to improve their energy efficiency. Eligible activities include but are not limited to: – Comprehensive heating upgrades and controls – LED lighting, occupancy and PIR sensors – Heat recovery systems and new compressor technologies – Renewable energy storage – Electric vehicle charging points (not the vehicles) – Building Energy Management Systems – Voltage optimisation
  • Further Specialist Support options Organisations will have the opportunity to receive specialist support, for example through Travel Planning or by joining an Environmental Leadership Programme, or by accessing specialist consultancy e.g. product and package design.

Eligible organisations will need to evidence that they are:

  • An SME (<250 employees AND annual turnover: <€50 million OR annual balance sheet: <€43 million)
  • Located within Suffolk and Norfolk
  • Not in receipt of de minimis aid of €200,000 (~£140,000)or more in the preceding 3 years
  • Completely independent or has one or more minority partnerships (each less than 25%)

Not classified as a sector that receives other non-ERDF subsidies including, but not limited to, agriculture, healthcare, education, fisheries, forestry etc.

If an organisation is interested in the service, they can register their interest on the website or by calling 01473 350370. Our dedicated advisors will be able to answer any queries about eligibility for the programme or potential grant projects.