UK businesses can apply for a share of £1million for early-stage, human-centred design projects that will determine future R&D activity in immersive experiences. This is from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. 

This fund will seek to understand customer needs and create new or better ideas for:

  • immersive audience experiences across the creative industries
  • products or services used to create, deliver and experience immersive content across the creative industries

Projects must use established human-centred design principles (such as the Design Council’s ‘double diamond’ process)

Immersive experiences blue the line between the physical and simulated world. They use virtual, mixed and augmented reality technologies, haptics and other sensory interfaces coupled with data.

This competition is for early-stage projects that:

  • use customer research to generate ideas that meet customer needs

Fast, low-cost prototyping and user testing of those ideas is also within scope.

Projects should deliver well-defined, user-validated ideas ready for further technical research and development (R&D).

To find out more about this fund please visit Innovate UK’s website using the link provided on the right hand side.