Archives Revealed is a partnership programme between The National Archives and The Pilgrim Trust. It is described as the only funding stream available in the UK dedicated to cataloguing and unlocking archives. 

The fund is comprised of two funding strands:

  • Cataloguing grants of up to £40,000 for archives to create catalogues of important archival collections
  • Scoping grants: fund an assessment report incorporating expert advice on a range of areas relation to collections management and the development of your collection

Archives Revealed aims to:

  • enable archives to identify, catalogue and make accessible significant collections that would otherwise remain hidden
  • help archives explore assess their collections
  • open up a wide range of archive collections to the public, initiating new research, inspiring creative responses to archive material and making connections with people and communities
  • help archives to build fundraising skills and confidence through the application proves

Their objectives:

  1. increase access to previously unavailable archive material
  2. increase engagement with archive collections  by wider audience groups
  3. enable deeper use of archive material to further understanding of collections
  4. increase confidence and skills of archivists so they can successfully secure income to fund archive development


  • more collections of significance will be catalogued
  • members of the public will be made aware of the newly catalogues material and will know how to access it
  • the newly catalogued archive material will be used for a range of purposes
  • archivists and sector professionals will have the confidence to  advocate for their services and will be able to secure new funding for further projects

To find out more about the Archives Revealed Programme, visit the website using the link on the right hand side.