HM Treasury, acting on the advice of the British Business Bank, has appointed Alternative Business Funding (ABF) as one of the Government’s designated finance platforms for the Bank Referral Scheme.

As a designated finance platform, ABF is referred small businesses struggling to access finance from nine of the UK’s biggest banks.

You can use their online Funder Finder engine to search for funding alternatives. You will then be presented with a list of funders that are deemed to be suitable for your needs. You can then choose as many funders as you wish to approach.  Once you have made your enquiries, interested funders will get in touch with you directly to discuss your options further. This is usually with 24 hours via phone or email.

Alternative Business Funding partners cover the high street banks and the vast majority of the alternative business funding market with more joining the collaboration all the time.

ABF promotes:

  • The referral of finance providers own unsuccessful applicants directly to the site
  • Lobbying the Government to introduce “signposting” for all unsuccessful bank applicants
  • The use of our resources and expertise to raise awareness of different forms of business funding
  • The support the commercial finance sector by providing tools to drive successful outcomes for SMEs

So if you are unable to secure finance via your normal lending options, visit the Alternative Business Funding website. Details are on the right hand side.