Allia is a charity that supports impact entrepreneurs and ventures – in other words, people and organisations that are dedicated to making a positive impact on people, planet or place. We provide business support, work space and finance solutions to help  ventures start up, grow and create social benefit.

Allia Future Business Centres

More than just an office, Allia Future Business Centres in Cambridge and Peterborough are spaces for innovative businesses to thrive, where those who want to make a positive impact on people, planet or place through enterprise can grow their venture, amongst like-minded organisations.

Enterprise Support

We provide workspace, networks, ideas incubation, mentoring, business advice and entrepreneurial inspiration so that individuals and ventures that want to make a positive social and environmental impact can flourish at every stage. Learn more about Serious Impact, our business support programme in Peterborough and Cambridge.

Social Innovation and Development

We believe the lack of affordable housing, our ageing population and the lack of opportunity for many young people are among the most pressing challenges facing our society today. To address these challenges, we need innovative ideas and the business acumen to deliver them. At Allia, we identify innovative solutions to social problems and seek out the people to deliver them. We then nurture them by providing ideas incubation, support and access to finance.

Impact Finance

Allia Impact Finance is a pioneer in creating innovative funding mechanisms to help finance the growth of impact ventures that aim to make a positive impact on people, planet or place. Our ‘firsts’ include Retail Charity Bonds for larger charities and Charitable Bonds to raise grant funding for charitable projects.  Learn more.


Office Space