Peterborough Business secures £5,000 grant from Combined Authority

A growing Peterborough based business has received nearly £5,000 from the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority's Small Grants Scheme.

Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough James Palmer went to visit the recipients, Belfry Façade Systems Ltd, to tour the facility, discuss the work they do and what benefits the Small Grants Scheme will have on the running of the organisation.

Mayor James Palmer said:

“It was great to visit the first beneficiary of the Small Grants Scheme and see first-hand how this programme is helping local businesses to unlock more of their potential.

“Belfry is a pioneering business, with both domestic and Internation custom, and this grant will help push their enterprise to a new phase of growth and create new job opportunities for new people I’m looking forward to seeing how our Business Board can support more SMEs throughout Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, fostering the economic growth that is central to its mission.”

Belfry Façade Systems Ltd are a specialist roofing and façade systems fabrication company, offering the fabrication of a range of building envelope systems both in the UK and abroad.

From the £4,961.66 awarded from the Small Grants Scheme, they are looking to offer a new system to its service offer, which now makes up 33% of its turnover and create new employment opportunities that will contribute to the growth of the company.

The Small Grants Scheme funding comes from the Local Growth Fund, also known as The Growth Deal, provided by Government. Signpost 2 Grow provide the access route to this particular small grants scheme and offer non-financial support alongside the funding provided.

The grant is designed to support the growth of local businesses by offering grants of between £2,000 and £20,000 to support capital investment projects.

To find out more about the Small Grants Scheme, please visit our Signpost 2 Grants page.