Getting to the stage that you’re looking to expand your business is a really exciting time. All of the hard work establishing the business is paying off and you can now start thinking about what the next steps to grow the business might be.

This could be because you’ve been approached by a customer who has a bigger order than you’re set up to manage, you might want to lighten your own work load and be thinking about new team members, or it could be that you’ve explored all of the new business opportunities in your local area and you’re thinking about finding national or international customers.

Expanding or growing doesn’t always mean getting bigger, it can also mean being able to do more with the structure you already have, being able to offer a broader range of products and services, advertising and marketing to gain more customers, or being able to supply to customers who are geographically further away. You might want to do all of these things – the sky’s the limit.

To help you decide which direction to take to find out how to grow your business, here are some key steps related to business growth that will help you plan the next stages of your business’s development.