Government pledges continued support to businesses that offer Apprenticeships

A new system has been created by the Government to ensure that businesses who take on an apprentice are supported both financially and logistically. The system will also give employers more influence over what is covered in the training and development on an apprenticeship. This means that apprentices will develop the necessary skills throughout the apprenticeship schemes, further adding to the value of apprenticeships for both the apprentice and business.

The new system comes on the back of the Government’s commitment to further promote and expand apprenticeships as a pathway into the workplace, with a goal of achieving three million starts in England by 2020.

The government recognises apprenticeships as being of true value to the economy, with every £1 they spend on apprenticeships leveraging in an average return on investment of £26-£28.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships offer young people an alternative to full-time college or A-Levels, but can also be offered after someone has finished further education to prepare them for the workplace whilst supporting continued learning and further skills development. Upon completion of an apprenticeship, many people continue work with the same employer. However, if they choose to look elsewhere for a role, they are more employable with marketable skills and real-life, valuable work experience and can pursue a career in their chosen industry.

Apprenticeships are suitable for almost all industries and job roles, from marketing to carpentry, travel to engineering. They are ideal for young adults who practically minded, and ‘learn by doing’. It also helps them develop skills and attributes that are not developed at school, such as punctuality, building professional relationships, managing workloads and liaising with a variety of stakeholders.

For more information and the full Apprenticeship funding presentation, click here.