About The Workshop

In this FREE workshop you will look at the fundamentals of sets of accounts, explaining clearly what they tell you and how they can be best used.

The session starts with the profit and loss account (P&L) looking at what is included plus some key ratios, an understanding of which will enhance your chances of boosting your profitability and avoiding running out of cash.

You will then look at the balance sheet, exploring how this differs from the P&L and again considering what key ratios you should be looking at.

You will also cover cash flow forecasts, explaining how they differ from P&L’s and stressing their importance in ensuring you can pay your liabilities as they fall due.

Finally, the workshop looks at some of the differences in the way the same items are treated for producing sets of accounts and the way they are treated for calculating the tax you owe.

The Benefits

The main benefit of this workshop is that you will have a better understanding of your own set of accounts and how the information has been built up. This means you can understand what the figures mean and relate them to how your business operates.

If you do not understand your financial information it can be a big risk, as you may not realise when you need to take action to remedy issues or you may miss out on opportunities to develop your business further.

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