CW and Withers & Rogers invite you to our 1:1 IP clinic, where you can spend 30 minutes with their team of experts. If you’re a technology company which is looking to make its mark, a well-developed Intellectual Property strategy should be core to your company’s objectives. Whether you exploit your innovations as trade secrets, by filing patent applications or if you’re looking to protect your brands by filing for trade marks, Withers & Rogers can help guide you on your way.

About the speaker

Michael Jaeger, who will be running the 1:1s has worked with dozens of companies, from start-ups to multinationals. He has assisted them in achieving their commercial goals through understanding the value of their Intellectual Property and maximising the return on their investment in the ideas which drive their company forward.

In this clinic Michael will be able to outline the different types of Intellectual Property Rights which exist and how to apply them to your business.

About Withers & Rogers

Withers & Rogers is one of Europe’s largest dedicated intellectual property law firms, with offices in Bristol, Leamington, London, Munich and Sheffield. Established more than 130 years ago, they remain as passionate as ever about making intellectual property work to their clients’ best advantage.

Today, their clients include many renowned, innovative organisations from across Europe, North America and Asia. Withers & Rogers has a breadth and depth of experience and expertise that they believe is second to none. In addition to their practice groups, they have a number of specialist groups, enabling them to pool their industry knowledge and bring added value for their clients.

They offer a comprehensive service that extends to both securing IP rights – such as patent, trade mark and design registrations for the UK, Europe and further afield – and advising on their exploitation and enforcement. Alongside, they provide proactive support functions that help their clients keep track of their IP, stay on top of its maintenance, and stay in control of cost.

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