Wellcome Genome Campus’s intensive two-day event  will provide participants with an opportunity to creatively  and collaboratively address a relevant challenge in the sphere of genomes  and biodata. Participants will develop solutions that offer impact while honing their creative, communication and entrepreneurial skills. 

The hackathon will be organised around several areas related to the use of genomics and biodata to improve health outcomes.

For example:

  • how can data be used to find new opportunities to diagnose and treat disease?
  • how can biodata be captured and curated more effectively?
  • how can patients share their data to benefit society?
  • how can artificial intelligence improve the use of biodata in healthcare?

Participants will work in teams alongside mentors  and advisors from a range of companies and organisations. These advisors will coach participants through the steps required to turn a novel idea or technology into a successful business. The outputs of all terms will  be presented at the end of the e vent, with a range of prizes awarded for innovative solutions and outstanding or noteworthy efforts throughout the event.

The following areas will be covered:

  • Genomics, data and improving health outcomes
  • How to capture and curate data and build compliance?
  • How is data used to find new opportunities to treat disease?
  • How can AI improve the use of biodata in the future of healthcare?
  • How can patients share their data to benefit society?
  • Effective communication of genomic results to members of the public

Who should attend?

PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, business students, scientists from pharma, biotech companies, local universities, incubators, venture builders and investors and others interested in the following:

  • Inspiration to consider entrepreneurial and alternative career pathways and the confidence and intent to start to discover the possibilities and opportunities
  • Developing core transferable skills and  knowledge for enterprise and entrepreneurial- including creativity, networking, communication and team working skills
  • Developing personal networks in terms of both their peers and connecting with entrepreneurial individuals and organisations
  • Gaining an appreciation of the innovation process and the steps required to take novel ideas and technologies into business opportunities or impactful solutions.

To register your attendance for this please follow the link provided on the right hand side. Alternatively, to contact the organiser directly, please use the contact information also provided on the right hand side.