This webinar will teach you how Budget Holder Management is revolutionising the way you manage your spend. 

Finance Managers often face the difficult problem of accurately forecasting supplier spend whilst keeping the budget holders within their financial boundaries – and the sometimes painful cashflow implications when they don’t.

For many businesses, the first time finance is aware of a significant spend is when the supplier gets in touch to chase payment. The budget holder might receive the invoice straight from the supplier and then present this to finance as a fait accompli, leaving Finance to carry the can for the cashflow, budget and P&L implications at the next board meeting.

This webinar will discuss new ways to attempt to resolve the three following primary issues that precipitate these problems:

  • How to gain full visibility of the committed spend at the moment of its creation
  • How to provide a real-time view of the available budget, prior to the spend being made and the controls to ensure that over budget spend always has senior management approval prior to the order being place
  • The ability to capture all invoices centrally and significantly simplify, manage and accelerate the approval process

This webinar introduces the concept of “Budget Holder Management” which is already revolutionising the way that many organisations are managing their spend.

By understanding the concepts of Budget Holder Management, this should enable you to win the support of the board of directors and proactively make the changes that benefit the entire business including how resolving these issues will be supported by a compelling return on investment.

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