Dr Florian Urmetzer, a Senior Research Associate for the Cambridge Service Alliance, will present a short webinar that covers some of the ways that businesses can use their ecosystem to their advantage.

What the Webinar will cover:

  • What a business ecosystem is
  • Why it’s vital for delivering services
  • How you can get an understanding of your ecosystem, its structure and the key players within it
  • How businesses have innovated within their ecosystem
  • How businesses can capture and create more value within their ecosystem

The webinar will give an overview of some of the leading research in this area, as well as some practical examples of how businesses have used their ecosystem to leverage new innovation and value opportunities.

The webinar will also cover some next steps to help you with creating a business ecosystem strategy:

  • Links to Cambridge Service Alliance research in the area
  • Ecosystem Strategy – one day course running on 22 November
  • Services that provide that support businesses in creating and implementing a business ecosystem strategy

To sign up to the webinar please follow the link on the right hand side. 

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