This one hour webinar will give you an introduction to building a successful community engagement strategy.  

Many businesses struggle with how to build vibrant and engaged on and offline communities around different causes and initiatives.

If you understand your organisation’s community – who they are, what they value about you and how best to communicate with them – your organisation will benefit in countless ways.

Whether you are looking to increase awareness, running a fundraising campaign or recruiting volunteers, building a loyal community is key to your success.

Subjects the webinar will cover:

  • how to identify, build and mobilise your communities
  • how to deepen your engagement with your audiences/networks
  • why people might get involved; what they’ll want to get from being involved
  • what your ask might be of them
  • who in your organisation is b east places to be a community ‘builder’
  • community and brand building
  • some new thinking around volunteering
  • membership schemes
  • crowdfunding dos and don’ts, plus a few other fundraising musts
  • where to go next for more information

Cost: £15 per person