New generation media platforms like ‘Virtual Reality’ (VR) and ‘Immersive Viewing’, need to develop improved production techniques and user-friendly display technologies, to avoid a painful marketplace demise like 3D stereoscopic TV. Speakers for this event hosted by Ravensbourne include:

  • James Bambrough, Head of Digital Applied Technologies, James Maynard, Offering Management Director and David Taylor, Solution Incubation Architect Fujitsu
  • Cliff Dive, VP Business Development, Argon Design
  • Edward Miller, Specialist in Interactive Imagery
  • Zillah Watson, Editor, BBC R&D Internet and Future Services
  • Special guests on the panel include Muki Kulhan, BBC The Voice’s Executive Digital Producer and Martin Uren, Associate Senior Lecturer in Broadcast Technology, Ravensbourne.

This fact-finding event will take an in-depth look at the creative concepts, the latest technologies and the consumer applications, that are driving VR and 360 degree video beyond the realms of video gaming and special effects. Join us for this dynamic annual Digital Delivery and Content SIG event being hosted by Ravensbourne, the world class university specialising in digital media using innovative technologies.


The workshop programme will be divided into three main subject areas:

  • Creating a virtual world; where a user interacts with a virtual environment via sensory experiences which can include vision, sound, touch and smell.
  • Augmented reality (AR); where computer generated imagery is combined with real life visual content to enhance the viewer’s experience.
  • 360 degree immersive video; where a viewer can see and interact with a complete 360 degree visual panorama which may itself be virtual, augmented or real.

Delegates will gain unique insights into VR production grammar and synthesis, innovative ‘story telling’ techniques for museums and the arts, and leading edge technology applications like remote surgery and using direct retinal projection headsets.

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