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The Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce are holding a seminar aimed to help businesses harness the power of their website.

Your website is your shop window for the world. But it is a total waste of your time, money and energy if no-one can find it – or if, having found it, no-one interacts with it (for example, by buying something or making an enquiry).

In this two hour seminar, three of the area’s leading marketers will talk about topics such as the importance and power of brand consistency (and visibility!) online, search engine optimisation (SEO), the ‘visitor experience’ and website content (messaging and tone of voice) and structure.

If you follow the simple tips and ‘rules’ they will cover in the event, you should see your website making a greater contribution to your business success.

The experts sharing their insights are Sophie Baillie and Kathryn Ford of Conscious Communications and Mike Holland of OlsenMetrix Marketing.

This is open to members and non-members, at a small cost.