Demand for British food and drink products overseas is growing fast; a 15% increase in overseas sales in the last two years is a clear sign of the opportunities available to the British food and drink manufacturers working in this sector.

However, there is huge untapped potential for export among small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) with 90% currently not exporting and primarily only with close European neighbours.

UKTI East would like to help you tap into this and offer you advice about how to be successful in overseas markets and inform you about the real opportunities in this sector.

There will be 5 international F&D specialists at the event. You can book 30 minutes meetings with them to discuss how to grow your food and drink business into new markets (max 3 pre-booked meetings per company). Please tell UKTI when registering the 3 people you would like to meet in the morning or afternoon and we will allocate time slots accordingly.

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