Is your e-commerce business invisible to 70% of the world? Do you sell through Amazon or eBay already? More business is possible through other e-market places around the world.

70% of world internet users search in languages other than English. If you are running an English based website learn the straightforward steps you can take to become more visible to more customers across the world and win more business.

The UKTI E-Exporting team will show you how to find the right e-marketplaces around the world from the 450 they have mapped. They have negotiated special deals for UK companies to list on some of these marketplaces.

How do you drive traffic to your e-commerce site? Learn how to make the best use of social media to build a following for your e-commerce brand in different markets.

The exporting team will also show you how to set up your own web shop in several countries – it is easier than you think but you need to know how. Learn from experts how to localize your web shop, deal with overseas logistics and returns, handle VAT issues and protect your brand overseas.

The workshop is aimed at companies who are looking to develop their e-commerce business to expand the channels they use and markets they sell into, enabling them to receive more enquiries and orders.

UKTI have assembled a team of industry experts to help you assess the potential options to develop your
e-commerce business both in the UK and overseas. After the main session 1-1 meetings can be booked with the speakers.

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