Time is one of the most important assets at work and everyone has a responsibility to ensure it is well managed. This doesn’t always mean being ‘maxed’ out – it’s about getting balance into your life to ensure your priorities are taken care of.

This one day programme will help you develop a strategy for time management and give you a range of tools and techniques to help you plan and organise yourself to be effective.

You will learn about:

  • your own work style and how this helps and hinders your time management
  • how to establish and plan in your own priorities
  • how to plan work around your most productive times
  • how to deal with interruptions so they cause minimal impact
  • avoid procrastination and ‘swallow the frog’!
  • setting goals with time lines and milestones
  • how to decide if a task is urgent , or important or both
  • how to make your outlook or diary work for you

Who should attend?

Time management is a key competency for all people at work and this programme will benefit anyone who has any element of control and influence about when they do things.


Participants will be required to log their work activities for a typical day or two, prior to the programme. This will be analysed during the event to help see what happens during a typical working day and where improvements to time management can be made.