Strategic Product Marketer Annie Brooking will show you the top 60 skills of product managers. 

This Lunch and Learn is for people who are fairly new to the process of bringing a product to market.

The product manager is the manager of the team that’s going to create and bring a product (or service) to market. They are multi-skilled and able to communicate with customers, distributors, the sales force, and the legal team and of course the engineering and technical teams. As every product is different the product manager is always on a learning cure.

In this Lunch and Lunch session Annie will look at the skills a great product manager needs to bring a product to market.

About Speaker

Annie Brooking is business mentor and author, having brought 19 products to market and written two books “Intellectual Capital” and “Corporate Memory.” Annie’s third book, “Dream Ticket” is due to be release in the autumn. Annie’s company Magic Monkey runs Dream Ticket workshops and provides business consulting Product-to-Market and Dream Ticket Annie’s proprietary method for business planning and tracking.

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