Join Suffolk Chamber for this free breakfast seminar held in partnership with Lloyds Bank where fraud expert Chris Fawcett will be guiding SME’s through best practice to help safeguard their business against the growing threat of Cyber Crime.

In January this year, the Office for National Statistics released their Crime Survey for England & Wales revealing an eye-watering 2.4 million cases of bank and credit card fraud and over 1.2 million cases of computer virus, malware or other type of fraud reported.

On average, each police force in the UK has recorded more than £19.5m in business losses for 2016, a 22% increase compared with the previous year according to Action Fraud.

It is not simply a case of fraudsters asking for your pin number over the telephone anymore – scams and the technology to deliver them is more sophisticated than ever and you need to be aware of safety measures to protect your business.

About the speaker:

A Lloyds Bank fraud expert, responsible for Commercial Banking Fraud Risk Management since 2009, Chris Fawcett has worked in the banking industry for 35 years. His current responsibilities include leading the Lloyds Bank fraud awareness and guidance strategy to support Commercial Banking customers.